Michael Sean Harris

MSH Happenings

This is just a quick update-
    •    In rehearsal for Father Holung and Friends production - YES! The Production opens Sep 26th, 2008 at the National Arena.
    •    Once again involved as one of the performance coaches for
    •    Digicel Rising Stars (there are a couple bright sparks this season)
    •    Planning a show for October- Two nights with the band (DeVices) and guests,
    •    unplugged..but not really @ the Phillip Sherlock Centre- Write in and let us know the songs you have to hear.
    •    It will be mostly original material in a very intimate setting...with select cover songs.
    •    It will be a very different show (Potential sponsors chime in as well!)
    •    There's video on Youtube and facebook from the July performance at the quad-
    •    check it out and comment away!!
    •    TableTop- still trying to get quotes for doing a music video
    •    (Again- on the lookout for corporate sponsors)

Other Theatre:
    •    Cracking up (MADKOW Prod.) Opens next week, August 15  at The Phillip Sherlock Centre.
    •    Jamaica 2 Rahtid- PUPALICK is on at the Pantry Playhouse.

There's more going on...but this is enough for now!! Blessings!  Keep enjoying the music!!!  Michael